Changing the oil and filter (2007-2008 Sprinter OM642 Diesel)

Drain the oil into a suitable container. I usually start the vehicle and let it run a few minuters before removing the drain plug. I don’t let it warm up completely because hot oil can burn. I also keep an extra drain plug in stock.
Step 2
Remove the filter top using a filter removal cap and a 22mm wrench as shown with the arrows.
Step 2
You can place the cap onto some crumpled newspapers as shown here or where convenient for you – careful, don’t drip oil!
Step 3
Remove the filter and replace with the new. Add oil until about 3/4 full.
New filter and gaskets

Always replace the O-rings with new. Run some oil around them with your fingers to make it easier to seat them.

Replace the cap.

Next add the oil. Use the open quart you used to add oil to the filter and for the O-rings. Use only 13.21 quarts of oil. DO NOT OVER FILL. Stop before you add the final .21 of a quart. Make sure all your tools are removed from the engine compartment and start the engine. Check for leaks. Turn off the engine and check the oil level using the dip stick.

Unfortunately, your ASSYST light will not go out even though you reset it according to the OM. You will have to have a dealer reset it. Technically, it is a warranty issue – there should be no charge but this seems to depend upon the dealer.

Note: I do not know to whom to give credit for these photos. If you know or are the photographer please let me know.