Sprinter reference material

2011 Sprinter Service and Warranty Information 32 pages. pdf PDF
2011 Sprinter Maintenance Manual 40 pages. pdf PDF
2011 Sprinter Brief Instructions Manual 28 pages. pdf PDF
2011 Sprinter Operator’s Manual 292 pages. pdf PDF
2011 Sprinter Audio 20 Manual 54 pages.pdf PDF
2011 Sprinter Audio 5 Manual 36 pages. pdf PDF

2010 Sprinter Brochure28 pages. pdf PDF
2010 Cargo Van Data Sheet 2 pages. pdf PDF
2010 Sprinter Operating Manual. Online
2010 Sprinter Equipment Codes (includes MSRPs which may not be correct) 10 pages. pdf PDF
2010Sprinter Body Builder Book pdf Part 1 PDF, Part 2 PDF, Part 3 PDF
2010 Sprinter Suspension System Packaging Overview pdf PDF
2010 KL1 Auxiliary Diesel Fuel Tap PDF
2010 Radio Information PDF
2010 B-Pillar Remove and Replace Information PDF
2010 EK1 Body Builders Electrical Connectors PDF
2010 Sprinter Ground Terminals PDF

Sprinter Overview (One of the training manuals for MB mechanics) 335 pages PDF

2008 (2009)
2008 Sprinter Owners Manual 666 pages. pdf PDF
2008 Sprinter Parts Manual 502 pages. pdf PDF
2008 Sprinter Brochure 19 pages. pdf PDF
2008 Sprinter Specifications 13 pages pdf PDF
2008 Sprinter Resource Chart pdfPDF
2008 Sprinter Special Equipment Book 208 pages pdf PDF
2008 Sprinter Body Builder Information Book
123 pages.pdf PDF
2008 Sprinter service manual excerpts

2008/07 Changing your oil filter or fuel filter

Sprinter Diesel (OM642) US Oil Mobil 1 – These oils meet MB 229.51 specs according to the manufacturers data sheets. They are available in the US.

  • Mobil 1 ESP Formula 5W-30 3 pages pdf PDF
  • Mobil 1 ESP Formula M 5W-40 2 pages pdf PDF

2007 Sprinter Owners Manual 393 pages.pdf PDF
2007 Sprinter Parts Manual 521 pages. pdf PDF
2007 Sprinter Maintenance Manual 48 pages. pdf PDF
2007 Sprinter Warranty Manual 48 pages. pdf PDF

2006 Sprinter Parts Manual 812 pages. pdf PDF
2006 Sprinter Hydronic Heater pdf PDF

Mercedes-Benz Specifications for Operating Fluids pdfPDF
Sprinter AWD Brochure 11 pages. pdf PDF
Resetting the ASSYST after oil change and other dataAuxiliary Battery Retrofit pdf PDF
Dodge/Mercedes Part Numbers for Sprinter 231 pages pdf PDF
Wheel Alignment Documents

  • North American NCV3 Wheel Alignment Information pdf PDF
  • Sprinter Wheel Alignment Description pdf PDF
  • Sprinter Camber Adjustment pdf PDF
  • Sprinter Toe Adjustment pdf PDF
  • Sprinter Wheel Alignment Inspection Specifications pdf PDF

OM642 Engine (07-09) 11 pages pdf PDF
OM642 Service Information (partial) 122 pages pdf PDF
Sprinter Door Adjustment Pre 07/08 models pdf PDF
Sprinter Paint Codes pdf PDF
Sprinter Service Manual Incomplete (from 2003)
Although out-of-date, some techniques and drawings may still apply. 1232 pages (this is a 40Mb file) pdf PDF

NOTE: It is best to let the PDF’s load completely before searching for an item. Open the “bookmarks” in the PDF and you can go right to the section you are looking for.

Sprinter Technical Drawing Ziped folder with pdf PDF drawings of Dodge and Freightliner Sprinters by wheel base and roof.

NOTE: You can download this to your computer and then open the appropriate drawing or if you have a fast connection, open it on line and save the drawing you are looking for.

Sprinter Torque Values pdf PDF
Adjusting Koni shocks pdf PDF
All you want to know about tiresTire Rack
Care and cleaning of Meganite (used by SMB) counter middles and sink pdf PDF
Espar Airtronic Manual pdfPDF
Adjusting Koni Shocks pdf PDF
Espar Airtronic Users Manual PDF

Recalls/Service Bulletins for Sprinter 2500

  • Transmission Service Bulletin, 2008 pdf PDF
  • H09 Recall, April, 2008 pdf PDF
  • Rear Quarter Panel Service Bulletin, February 2009 pdf PDF
  • H44 Recall, February, 2009 pdfPDF

Sprinter Advertisements

Making of the NC3V Sprinter (German) Documentary Play
Sprinter 4-WD Brochure 2 pages pdf PDF
The Sprinter, Genuine accessories and Collection (German, English) 26 pages pdf PDF

A FINAL NOTE: I am not a Sprinter expert and I know nothing about diesel engines. All these files are provided as an information source that has not been verified. Much of the information is the work of others on various forums and I have just consolidated it. As far as I know, they are accurate but there could be typo’s, dated information or something that is just wrong. Use the information accordingly. If you find an error or a bad link, needed changes or want me to add something, please email me. [email protected]