Modifications done or in progress

There are not many changes you can make to a vehicle you designed (or a least a major portion of). After all, it should be close to perfect! Most of these mods are just additions not mechanical changes.

Rebadge Mercedes. I have the rear door logo, the steering wheel, the wheels and the new grille. I pulled the 2500 of the sides and put the 318cdi on the rear in place of the CRD.

The steering wheel is the only piece not authentic. I removed the Dodge logo

1984 Westy.

which leaves an indentation. I have this logo attached while the real steering wheel has the logo embossed. We also have a complete set of Mercedes manuals to replace the Dodge so the only thing that is Dodge now is the VIN.

The rebadging cost more than it had to as I tried a couple of different ways to do the grille. Finally I did what I should have done, order a new Mercedes grill. I am not happy with the paint job on the grill valance. They did not get enough metallic effect to totally match the paint. In this photo you can also see the Parrot 3100 for a hands free cell phone and under the radio, the auxiliary connection for an MP3 player.
Scan gauge

Added a Scan Gauge. You can find the details here. Scan Gauge from time-to-time comes out with improvements. I would like to monitor transmission temp and exhaust temp so hopefully that will become possible in the future.

Removing the Becker Sound 5.
Changed radio to Sony radio w/Bluetooth phone and MP3 connector. Details here, but I changed back to the Becker then added an auxiliary MP3 connection.The Becker is a much larger radio and looks better against the dash than the Sony.

Replaced stock horn with Hella Supertones.

I replaced Hella Supertones with a Bad Boys air horn. I mounted the new horn where water got to it and ruined it.

I replaced the Bad Boys with a Compact Italian Big Truck Sound Air Horn from Groit’s Garage. The sound on the new horn is much lower in frequency and louder.
Added Thule wind fairing to front of solar panels here. The front edge of the solar panels look much better. It took the industrial look away as it hides the front edge of the solar panels.Rounded off the sharp corners of the front seat bases. It takes about 1 minute per corner with a good file. MB should do this during manufacturing.Exchanged navigator’s 10″ seat riser for 7″ riser here.Moved spare to back door here.Upgraded the rear sway bar. You can find the details here. I added Koni adjustable shocks at the same time. The shocks are easy to adjust and I have them adjusted to one-click.Attached and wired TomTom GPS to column near Scan Gauge.We also moved the fire extinguisher which was basically impossible to get to, to a new location. I am moving/adding some instrument panel switches and should have that done this week. I’ll post the write-up when done.Wired the unactivated Turning Lights to manual switches in the dashboard.12/30/09 I am going to rewire the turning lights as the day I did it I was short of wire and it was the wrong color so I need to correct that. Also I went into the front fuse box and I want to connect it correctly to the bar provided under the driver’s seat. I am doing the same for the horn, this time using a relay and connecting the hot wire under the driver’s seat. I am also placing the horn in a better spot and replacing it, yet again, with a louder one.

04/12/10 Another horn installed this time correctly with a relay. I have pulled the Suburban heater. Will replace it with an Espar D4. I will have to have Sportsmobile build a new door system under the gaucho as without the Suburban heater I now have a larger additional storage space.

02/24/11 Installed the Espar heater (finally!).

05/13/11 Replaced the modified Dodge steering wheel cover with a Mercedes Benz cover.

9/03/11 Added an aluminum storage box behind the panel where the propane tank was mounted.