New AGM battery and LED interior lights.

The AGM that stores our solar output finally decided to give up. AGMbatteryIt was 5-1/2 years old, used continually, drawing down at night and then recharging as soon as the sun came up. Hope the new one lasts as long.

Weighing almost 115 pounds I am going to have Sportsmobile West put it in for me.

Also replaced all the interior lighting festoon bulbs with LED bulbs like these. They are a nice warm light and supply lots of light. I hadn’t realized my old lights were in such bad shape.

The new ones, CBconcept 42mm6SMD-WW Warm White 42mm 6 High Power SMD5050 12-volt DC LED Interior Dome Festoon Bulbledbulb specs. Beam Pattern:120-Degree; LED Amount:6 LEDs; LED Type:5050 SMD with Lumen (Max):80 Lumen; NO Polarized; Operating Voltage:12 VDC.