Geneology of our Sprinter

In the beginning . . .

1971 Vanagon purchased in Fayetteville, NC.

It was orange (were there other colors?) with some kind of orange plaid upholstery and curtains. I think it seated 8.

1973 Westy advertisement

1973 Westfalia Camper purchased in Fayetteville, NC.

Originally white, this was repainted a pearl green and white and had the Great Smokey Mountains air brushed on the sides. The photo we used was a 2 page spread from National Geographic or maybe Life. It also had chrome wheels and a Hurst Shifter. Got me an underserved ticket in Parachute, Colorado when the sheriff mistook me for a “hippie.”

Called Our North Carolina Baby I think we owned it for a couple of years. The tent was great. We used it for years after we sold the bus. The photo is from an ad funny, the tent seemed much larger in real life.

1984 Westy.

1984 Westfalia Camper purchased in Las Vegas, NV.

It was originally beige, but was repainted white. Used hauling diving equipment, and divers. My dog, Sophie considered it hers. I lived out of this bus for several months at El Capitan State Park in Santa Barbara. Debbie, Sophie and I camped in this all the way to Seattle and back in those great Oregon beach camp grounds. (as shown in picture)

It was maintained by Jesse Boyce VW in Santa Barbara — they were a great dealership.

1992(?) Westfalia Camper purchased in Santa Barbara, CA.

I remember getting this as we knew the T-4 was coming and wanted one of the last T-3s but my dates and memory don’t quite match up.

1995 Westy.

1995 EVC Purchased in Santa Barbara, CA.

Our first Winnebago. It was nice to have a heater and now I can pull a bass boat.

1999 EVC

1999 EVC Purchased in Santa Barbara, CA.

We purchased this as the horse power went up in 97 or 98. I traded this on one bad, crazy, implusive day for a Suzuki XL7. Big mistake. The Suziki was just not the bus.

2002 EVC

2002 EVC Purchased in San Jose, CA.

After I had driven the Suzuki for a year I could not stand not having a bus. I took the Suzuki to a dealer and traded it in for an ’02 in spite of the cost. Ahhhh, back in the bus.

2008 Sportsmobile Sprinter

2008 Sportsmobile Sprinter Purchased in Fresno, CA.

Wow, after years I can finally stand up and not bump my head on something. And its not white! The adventure future is bright. I gotta wear shades.