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Last night the internet broke

But only 1 light was on then.
But only 1 light was on then.

About 5:15 yesterday afternoon the internet broke. Comcast had something happen and we suffered. No TV. No Netflix or Amazon Prime. I couldn’t stream Prime Music, Spotify, Pandora, iHeartRadio, TuneIn and Alexa (The Echo), couldn’t or wouldn’t answer questions. Oh, and the doorbell broke. It wouldn’t ring and I couldn’t see who was there as I couldn’t access the camera. And, I couldn’t call Comcast since our land line really isn’t as it goes through the magic box.

They talk about this internet of things where everything will be connected but what if the internet breaks? I imagine the refrigerator wouldn’t open ’cause if you took something out it wouldn’t be able to adjust the inventory so when you went to the store to pick up your e-order you would be short something. The stove won’t turn on ’cause you can’t tell it what you want to cook so it can’t adjust the temperature and time for perfect food.

Now it’s getting dark because the “programmed for your comfort lights” don’t how bright or dim to be and the garage won’t let the car out because it didn’t get the signal you want to leave.

I think we are going to need some non-internet back up things. Like a hammer. A big hammer. And duct tape.

Project Azorian, back in the day.

Before the time when America made excuses, apologized for being us, was afraid that someone might take offense, we were good. Actually we were great!
Trailer for AZORIAN The Raising of the K-129.

The impossible task of raising a Soviet Nuclear submarine nearly 3 miles deep in the Pacific Ocean, and keeping it secret, came to fruition because no one said that couldn’t be done or the Soviets’s might get pissed off. No one questioned going into the final resting place for drowned sailors might be bad karma,  just not nice or correct. No one worried about the fish or the possibility of a nuclear explosion. Continue reading Project Azorian, back in the day.