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Remember 9-11.

Some have forgotten or never really knew. Some don’t care . . . it was a long time ago and Osama bin Laden is dead.

Can 9-11 happen again? The threat is still there and growing. Osama was Wahhabi. Wahhabi is still being taught in  Qatar, the UAE, Saudi Arabia (Wait. Aren’t they our allies?) and in other countries. Then there is ISIS who has many members with American, British and other Western passports. Well funded Islamist extremists, they are a threat to the Middle East and the West that grows every day.

We cannot afford to compromise, accept, or tolerate.

  • Complacency will cause our downfall.
  • Partisan politics will bring defeat.
  • Political correctness with these idiots will result in you loosing your head.
  • Tolerance disguised as diversity will result in your daughter’s daughter wearing a burka.

The battle lines are drawn and the enemy is at the gate. Can 9-11 happen again? You’re damn right it can.

And it can happen from within also. Why should we tolerate someone coming here who wants to change our values? Who don’t want to honor our flag? We shouldn’t.

Remember, E pluribus unum. That is the principle our country is founded upon. One from many.

Australian council asks non-Islamic women to wear hijabs in a ‘social experiment’.

The hijab being worn by Muslim women.
The hijab being worn by Muslim women.

From the “now I really have heard everything” department.

A local (Australian) council has created controversy by asking non-Islamic women to wear hijabs in a ‘social experiment’ to increase awareness and education.

The City of Greater Dandenong Council in Victoria wants women to wear the religious headdress for three hours today, as part of its plans to celebrate ‘National Youth Week.’

The event, which will also be filmed, has been designed to ‘provide awareness, insight and education’ for the community. Read more.

Proof positive that there are idiots in other countries. Well, at least in Australia.

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