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The plot to keep America obese. The Girl Scouts are coming!

Yes, they are here again. Those sneaky thin busting, will power negating, have just one more, monsters ringing door bells and trapping people outside stores.

They’re baaaaaaccccckkk! Run!! They are everywhere! The Girl Scouts are coming! The Girl Scouts are coming!

With these to tempt, corrupt and capture you . . .

 Thin Mints®  Caramel deLites®
/ Samoas®
 Peanut Butter Patties®/ Tagalongs Shortbread / Trefoils
Do-si-dos®/ Peanut Butter Sandwich Cranberry Citrus Crisps  Lemonades  Rah-Rah Raisins
 Savannah Smiles®  Thanks-A-Lot®  Toffee-tastic  Trios

They even have a mobile app to help you find them just in case you miss the hordes of mothers running door to door with their daughters trying to add you to the list.

Quick. Turn the lights off and lower the blinds. Tell the mail and the newspaper to hold deliveries.Prepare to not come outside for at least ten days. Careful, they are devious.


It’s too late. I ordered three boxes.

They caught my wife who added two more.

We are so, so pathetically weak!