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Birth Tourism – another reason to dump the 14th Amendment

Did you know you can legally load a ship with a 1,000 pregnant women from any where, anchor it American waters and in a few weeks have 1,000 new citizens. The founding fathers had no idea the 14th Amendment would become so misused.

China’s growing class of the newly rich has found a way to skirt Beijing’s hated one-child policy: an extended vacation to the United States for the birth of a second child.
The United States has become a favorite birth destination for affluent Chinese women who want to have more children but avoid fines and scrutiny by their government.

The American born babies are automatically granted citizenship by U.S. law and the parents plan to maintain that status for their children. Once back in China, they never register their babies as Chinese citizens, enabling them to continue to stay off the radar of government officials. By Anna Schecter
Rock Center
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10 years ago

Many were too young to know what happened that day. For those and anyone else looking for a review, I have posted the following video. This covers the first minutes before we knew about the other planes, before the collapse of the towers. Imagine being at your gym, like my wife was and suddenly see this coming over the TV.  She tried to call me but I was on BART. BART didn’t have cell coverage 10 years ago. I first found out when I walked into a Starbucks at Civic Center where people were quietly buying coffee and starring at a TV someone had put on the counter. It was surreal.

September 11, 2001 – As It Happened

The next video adds more detail, more pictures and depicts my feelings. Osama Bin Laden is dead. Piss on his heirs. I would let no relative out to about third cousins live. I am not ready to move on and accept peace on Sharia terms. Neither should you.

September 11